Thanet Sewers

Upgrading Thanet’s unique sewers

Between summer 2018 and summer 2020, we delivered Southern Water’s major infrastructure project to rehabilitate and upgrade more than 11km of Thanet’s outdated Victorian sewer system across Ramsgate and Broadstairs.

This significant investment, valued in excess of £30m, saw TPMD showcase its range of skills and experience as we renovated a unique sewer network.

Constructed more than a 100 years ago, Thanet’s sewer pipes rest at the bottom of adits; tunnels hand-dug through the chalk, some more than 10 meters below the surface.

Covering more than 170 streets, this award-winning upgrade project made sure that this ageing network is fit for the future. Using the latest in trenchless tunnelling techniques, so we were able to complete most of our work from existing manholes. This minimised the noise and impact on local communities.

Our workforce is made up of miners and confined space specialists; ensuring everyone is safe in this unique working environment. Rescue teams are always on hand when people are working underground.

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