When a fully structural repair or refurbishment is required for lining an existing tunnel, culvert, sewer or any other underground asset, Glass-reinforced Plastic (GRP) lining is a solution that can be adapted to suit almost any application.

TPMD is an industry specialist when it comes to installing GRP liners of any shape and size. We have some of the finest installers in the country who have worked with all of the manufacturers across a vast range of projects both in the UK and Europe.

We can work from existing manholes and make minimal alterations to bring either one piece or two piece liners into the underground structure whilst maintaining traffic flows around the site.  The liners can be installed using minimal plant and equipment keeping TPMD’s carbon footprint low while delivering a first class solution.

These GRP liners can be installed using a Type 1 design taking into account the host pipe and grout, or using a Type 2 design where they are completely standalone.  TPMD have installed thousands of meters of both options delivering efficient solutions for our clients.