Also referred to as thrustboring or simply augerboring, this technique offers a high degree of accuracy for line and grade, and is primarily used for the construction of gravity sewers.

TPMD operate a diverse range of conventional and guided augerboring techniques that install pipe diameters ranging from 150mm to 1200mm in a wide range of ground conditions. The units can operate from shafts/pits as small as 2.1m diameter, and can even be launched from existing manholes.

Usually clay or concrete jacking pipes are installed, however other pipe materials such as steel casings, PE and Hobas GRP are possible is certain circumstances.

Augerboring offers a highly accurate, cost effective technique with minimal ground settlement and is ideal for rail, water, road, runway and other crossings.

Joint venture partner, Terra Solutions Ltd., was the first Company in Europe to employ the new Eliminator style of augerboring. The Eliminator requires no pilot bore and is suitable for tougher ground conditions including weak rock and non-displaceable solid (up to 100 N-value). The head has three independent steering control devices to maintain line/level and is suitable for graded pipelines such as sewers.